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Simply beautiful. The user interface.

As a CMS user, you have also probably wondered, “Do I really have to put in the years of training needed for a black belt in TYPO 3 or Plone before I'm halfway qualified?” That's why we sent Impala to boot camp, because technology should adapt itself to you – not the other way around.

Extremely user friendly and adaptable

The Impala interface allows you to intuitively create and edit website content – without any special knowledge or expensive training. The user interface makes this easy for you, because it is modelled on current operating systems and applications. And it also allows you to configure the interface just the way you want it, and with just a few changes, give it your own corporate identity.

Work directly in the preview

With Impala CMS you see how things look, exactly as a visitor to your website would see them. The preview browser is completely synchronised with the navigation and the personalisation features. Just click on a marker and you can work directly on individual site elements. This simple method of inline editing ensures fine control for high-quality results.

Clear content structure

Numerous different ways of viewing your data allow you to navigate it quickly. For example, the screenshot shows a thumbnail view that is ideal for image archives.

Editors – integrated and external

In WYSIWYG mode, Impala's HTNL editors can be comfortably used without any special training. Additionally, external editors (like Frontpage or Dreamweaver) can be integrated. And you can save your data with just a single click.

Simple media management

Impala CMS gives you dynamic support in adding images and links. Automatic link management ensures that link styles are consistent, and assigning additional attributes (link title, alternative text for images etc.) is just as easy.