Case Study: Alge Timing

Sales platform for sports timing experts

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Services & Key facts

  • Data strategy
  • Technology advice
  • UX / UI
  • Implementation
  • Category: Industry
  • Products: Pimcore / PIM DAM DXP Commerce
end customer Alge-Timing GmbH

Project summary


ALGE-TIMING is a manufacturer of electronic timing devices for sports, racing and training, developing and manufacturing a wide range of devices in this field. The company also specialises in customised solutions, often using combinations of existing equipment. The company’s worldwide network of independent sales representatives uses our sales platform to market, sell and order equipment.


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Creating the right UX and data strategy

Sales representatives had found order processing to be unsatisfactory on the previous platform. The multiplicity of possible product combinations meant submitting an order was challenging enough, and often involved manual intervention after the initial order had been placed. Another problem was the lack of a UX concept, which made it difficult for dealers to use the platform for marketing and ordering purposes.



Mobile first with defined data structures

Antiloop collaborated with the client to review the product pool and define a suitable data structure. Interviews were conducted with sales representatives to find out which problem points needed to be addressed. The results of this process were used to develop an ideal UX to suit all users of the platform.



B2B shop and sales tool for sales representatives.

The resulting B2B shop offers several functions. It serves as a product showcase for lead generation, and for conducting marketing activities. Sales representatives benefit from a form of sales catalogue that can be used to showcase products and solutions to customers. It is also easy to order products directly in the same step, while Head Office carries out fulfilment without further manual intervention or adjustments.


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