Case Study: Fluidify by HABERKORN

Schlauchleitungs­konfigurator mit Spryker

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Services & Key facts

  • Solution architecture
  • UX / UI
  • Implementation
  • Category: Industry


end customer Fluidify FT GmbH
project duration 6 months

Project summary

Fluidify – The hosepipe experts

Antiloop planned and implemented a configurator for hydraulic hose assembly to enable ready-assembled and tested hydraulic hoses to be ordered online. Our primary goal was to provide a reliable solution, and integrate it into the parent company's IT.

The Haberkorn Group is based in Austria, and Fluidify is a vertical company builder project selling a subset (industrial hosepipes) of Haberkorn's product portfolio via a web shop.


Data import, attribute mapping, configuration process

The initial challenge was to define the steps necessary to configure a hydraulic hosepipe. The existing data offered almost no means of linking hoses with fittings or sleeves. It was important to take the special regulations into account determining that fittings and sleeves must always be from the same manufacturer, and that there must be a material match. The existing import infrastructure had to be replaced, as it did not allow for timely data updates.



Up-to-date, relevant data, clever and sophisticated UX

In order guarantee an optimised user experience, in addition to the data management strategy, a process was developed to facilitate the selection of individual hose components. The individual steps of the configuration process were defined in collaboration with the specialised departments, after which we identified the conditions to be met to ensure which the buyer is presented with correctly matching fittings and hosepipes. Finally, we created the means of placing the configured product in the shopping basket and, for buyers requesting factory assembly of the individual parts, this ensured the concomitant order definitely arrived in the workshop for production.



Immaculate CX and high-performance data-import using Antiloop Springbok

The result is a mobile-first interface that guides users through the entire process. Springbok enables changes to data in PIM to be imported into Spryker in seconds, so the site visitor is presented with relevant choices at all times. The parts list is transferred to ERP for correct assembly and for a shop-floor check via the SOAP web service.